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Links to the Harp World

General Links:

International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen publishes a wonderful magazine about happenings in the folk harp world, called FOLK HARP JOURNAL. Check them out.

Wm. Rees Instruments, small harp builder in California.

Virginia Harp Center, harp sales, repairs and rentals.

The Harp Page, incredible set of links to the harp world.

A newsletter put out by Melody's Traditional Music and Harp Shoppe

Caregivercompaion.com - has Marilyn's harp therapy story that was printed in the Harp Therapy Journal a few years ago.

www.folkharp.com. I love Melody's traditional music and harp shoppe.  They carry all of our music and thousands of other titles. A great resource for harpists.

Thousands of One My son Mark Wienand is a member of this eclectic group and you can hear samples of their work or buy their CD from this web site.

For all things Medieval, gifts and such from the Merry Minstrels folks, see
www.Camelot-Treasures.com. Our daughter Kirsten and her husband Scott (members of the Merry Minstrels) are part of a medieval re-enactment group called the Society for Creative Anacronism (SCA). She is a seamstress and artist and he is a bard.

The Harp Column —a great magazine for gigging harpists.

Medieval Fantasies Co. - Another “all things medieval” site.

Wedding Links:

Miscellaneous Vendors

Castle McCulloch is a great wedding site near Greensboro.  I really value my association with them, and play there frequently.

DJ Paul Cordts

Randy Smith

Brian McGuire, DJ

BG Photography




The Perfect Wedding Guide is a comprehensive list of Triad and Triangle wedding vendors.

Bridal Edition - an on-line list of wedding vendors

Pine Lake Pavilion in Mebane is a beautiful spring and summer venue.

Raleigh Durham International Airport Hotels - Raleigh Durham International Airport Hotels and lodging. Book online or call toll free to book your Raleigh airport hotel, North Carolina.

Wedding Decorators

Harp Therapy Programs:

Stella Benson has several books and CDs which grew out of her own harp ministry. She is head of IHMP Courses

Tina Tourin has created the program IHTP (international harp therapy program.) Tina also has wonderful books and CDs available.

Melinda Garidner is the person to contact for the Music for Healing and Transition Program.

You may contact Edie Eileen Elkan at this web address to learn about this wonderful program.

Laurie Riley actually started the MHTP program with others, and has expanded to offer "The clinical musician's program.

Christine Magnusen offers her beautiful recording in tribute to cnacer and hospice patients. Her CD "On wings of a Dove" features the music of Karl Wienand and we sell it on our website.

The Harp Therapy Journal from Planet Harp
9 East 3rd Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015