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Misty Morning

Misty Morning, Harp Music by Karl Wienand, performed by Marilyn Wienand.

Songs are from Karl Wienand's harp books Quietude, The healing Harp and Deer Hollow-Waves of Silver. Program includes Dreams of spring, Meadows, December Afternoon, Waves of Silver, Anniversary Dreams, Deer Hollow, March Saturday, Misty Morning and Quietude. I recorded this music in the living room of our log house in rural North Carolina.  On a couple of tracks you can hear bird songs and that's because they were singing outside our window.

Click below to listen to a few tracks from "Misty Morning":

Anniversary Dreams
December Afternoon
Deer Hollow

On Wings of a Dove

On Wings of a DoveIn tribute to Cancer and Hospice Patients. Harp music to soothe the spirite by Christine Grace Magnussen, Therapeutic Harpist. Includes selections from Karl Wienand, Christina Tourin, Kim Robertson, Deborah Friou, and William Mahan.

The Music of Cosmic Light Synthesis

The Music of Cosmic Light SynthesisOriginal keyboard music and guided meditation. Designed to relaease blocks and raise consciousness. The combination of Marc's music and meditation is magical and transformative.