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Flute and Harp Music

Sweet Dreams

by Karl Wienand - A beautiful work for Lever Harp and solo instrument (soprano saxophone, flute or violin). Written with our son Mark (a saxophonist) in mind. Both parts included.

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Wings Aloft

by Kathy Holms - for Harp and Flute- a very beautiful, modal piece.  Mark and I frequently play this for weddings.

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Even Song

by Kathy Holms - for Harp and Flute - Very lyrical and lovely. 

Since Kathy was a little girl, music has always been her passion, and a part of her life. At the age of 7 she began her life long "love affair" with the piano. Later she married, raised three children and when she was in her 40's, decided it was her "time to bloom." She began composing piano music, returned to college, and attained a degree
in music, piano performance.

While at school, she was introduced to the harp. Thus began her new "love affair." Currently, Kathy teaches piano out of her home with a studio of 20 students. She has piano music published by Alfred Publishing Co., Inc. and FJH Publishers. Her harp music appears in Deer Hollow Music & Sylvia Woods Harp Catalogs.