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The Story of Deerhollow.com

Deer Hollow is the name of our beautiful eleven acre property in rural North Carolina. It is a place of healing, and we have actually created a retreat center here called “Sacred Grove Retreat.” In 1995 I (Marilyn) began playing the harp for people in hospice, hospital and nursing homes. Since Karl was such a fine composer I asked him to write music for me to play. He was not a harpist, so he composed at the keyboard and I took it to the harp to rework it. We would go back and forth several times until we were satisfied. (This included the books “Quietude,” “The Healing Harp,” and Lullabies for Young and Old.” As I began playing the music for hospice patients I saw amazing benefits, such as a group of Alzheimer patients becoming quiet and calm; a very old man in a coma becoming conscious for a few hours in order to tell his family goodbye; an old woman who had wasted away to 80 lbs. able to let go and make her transition. We offered this music for sale at the first Liturgical Harp Conference held in Charlotte in 1996. It sold like hot cakes, and we thought, “We really have something here that people need.” The whole idea and our nascent business began to grow. As I had other needs for music, Karl came up with it, such as “Old Favorite Hymns” which the people in nursing homes love to hear. Also “Old Timey tunes” for singing along. All of our music came out of a need in my harp ministry. So it is my intention that this music fill a need for other harp therapists.

When Karl built a 26 string lap harp for our daughter Kirsten, we needed a teaching book for this size harp. Thus “Kirsten’s harp book.” Then we wrote a second book of slightly harder music, “My Ladye Arawynn’s Harp Book.” Kirsten and her husband Scott needed a book for beginning harp and recorder, thus “Efen and Arawynn’s flute and harp book".

After Karl passed away in 1999, sadly there was no more new music for us. (I am not a composer.) Marianna Nystrom contacted me for permission to record her two harp arrangements of six of Karl’s dreamy pieces. Not only did I give her permission, but I asked to see the arrangements for possible publishing. They were great. She sent me some of her original compositions for the harp ministry, and I decided to publish four of them in the book “Snowfall.” I am so glad to have some new compositions to offer our Deer Hollow Music customers.

After Karl’s passing I no longer had the heart to play for hospice. It was too painful for me. I began to concentrate on playing my beautiful Venus pedal harp for weddings and concerts instead. This part of my life began to expand greatly and I especially enjoyed playing for weddings at Castle McCulloch in Greensboro.

For many years our family has performed Medieval and Renaissance music on period instruments in costume for concerts, SCA events (Society for Creative Anachronism) and Renaissance Faires. Several brides at the castle who planned Medieval/Renaissance theme weddings hired us, and we began marketing the group as “The Merry Minstrels”—including my daughter Kirsten, her husband Scott and my son Mark. Mark is a professional saxophonist, so we offered brides the lovely combination of soprano sax and harp duo. Mark now lives in Ithaca, NY therefore I now offer flute and harp duo with my accomplished friend and musician, Debbie Bonkowski.

What started out as a harp music web site is now also used for wedding music bookings. It’s been a marvelous evolution over and eight year period.